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Three Reasons You Need To Prune Your Life Right Now!


What do you have in your life that is preventing you from achieving your potential? What in your life RIGHT NOW is preventing positive growth?

Maybe it’s a job that is pushing against a glass ceiling? Or perhaps a marriage that has turned neglectful and abusive? How about a friendship that has become toxic? Maybe you need to reexamine your spending habits and cut costs somewhere? Whatever it is, you won’t be able to achieve your full potential because you’re investing your energy, time, and resources into these areas that are hurting you in the long run.

Perhaps it’s time to cut some things out. In chapter 2 of Necessary Endings, Henry Cloud compares this to the necessity of pruning for the gardener. When gardeners prune, they do so for three reasons-

1.   There is too much growth.


Sometimes the gardener has to prune perfectly fine flowers. Maybe these blooms have achieved all they are capable of and will soon start to whither and die, depleting nutrients that could otherwise be used for the growing, thriving part of the bush. If these fully bloomed flowers continue with the bush, they will prevent the growth of the younger buds and blooms, causing them to be blocked out and suffocate.

♦   Implication #1 –  Are you juggling too many things at once? Involved in too many relationships or clubs with no time left for yourself or the things you really want to do? Do you feel overwhelmed and disoriented. I used to be a social media fiend…totally addicted and consumed. When I was in the mental institution for a week I was cut off from all social media and electronics. What a freeing feeling – I could concentrate on ME and work my way back towards stability.

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Thas Righ’, Git Rid Yo Baggage. [QUOTE]





How Do I Tell If I Need To Make A Necessary Ending? [BOOK REVIEW]

In a previous post, I mentioned chapter 5 of Dr. Henry Cloud’s, Necessary Endings. This post discusses chapter 6 of his book.

Where chapter 5 introduced me to the concept of hopelessness, chapter 6 forced me to answer some poignant questions that crystallized my decision to move forward with ending my marriage. By answering these questions I was able to determine if I should have hope that the situation would get better, or if I was just wishing it would.

Ready? Let’s go!

Based On The Past, How Much Hope Do You Have In Your Current Situation?

So should you have hope that things will improve? How do you know if you should make a necessary ending and if a relationship needs to be pruned? How do you know if you should continue with the current relationship and have hope that it will work out?

If we’ve been in a similar situation before, we can relate. But what about if we’ve never been there before? How do we know whether we should have hope or hopelessness?

ASK YOURSELF: What has it been like so far? What is my current reality? How long am I willing to continue living my current reality?

You have to ask yourself if you are really happy with your current reality, or would something make it better? We must ask ourselves how long we’re willing to continue to live with things considering the way they have been going. Do you want your current reality, frustration, or problem six months from now? Are you willing to continue living the way things have been for another year? Another two years? Do you want to continue having the same conversations in the future? The same feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, rejection, and more?

If you are in an abusive relationship are you willing to continue living with that abuse in the hopes that things will improve? Are you willing to be beaten for another two months in the hopes that things will get better? Are you willing to live with being talked down to for two more weeks?

I asked myself if I could take my current reality a month and even two weeks from now and the answer was always, no.

“When you ask yourself if you should have hope for this person or business to get better, the first diagnostic is to see what has been happening up to this point. Unless something changes, that is exactly what you can expect to happen in the future. The best predictor of the future…is the past.” (94)

So What Is Worth Fighting For? Other Factors That Determine When You Should Salvage The Relationship.

The previous section really spoke to me because I had reached a point of hopelessness but couldn’t put it into words. Dr. Cloud’s words really made sense to me and validated everything that I felt.


But what if you and I were not in the same situations and you want to keep going? What if you don’t want things to end but you’re at an impasse and not sure what to think? From the main points he makes in this chapter, the following ideas may help you define the answer to those questions as to when the relationship is worth keeping-

♦   Admission of a need to change (105). If there is to be hope, there needs to be a sincere acknowledgment that change is needed. A repentance of the harm and hurt that actions (or inaction) have caused. A heart-driven cry for help. A statement that change is needed immediately. The first step for an abuser or addict to move forward is the admission that there is a problem. An abuser or alcoholic will probably never make strides towards improvement if they don’t see that a problem exists. If they don’t see that a problem exists, there probably is little hope for the relationship to continue.

♦   Investment in a change process (102). In addition to admitting the need for change there should be active participation in a change process. If your marriage is suffering and you are going to counseling but your spouse is not, there is probably little reason for hope. However if you are both attending counseling together or on your own, there is more hope for the future of the marriage.

On the other hand, if your abusive, alcoholic boyfriend has started going to AA meetings there may be hope for the future of the relationship. When there is investment in a change process over time, hopelessness can be suspended. Do you want the rest of your relationship to be about making the change happen? How long are you willing to let the change process last before hopelessness takes over?

♦   You’re not driving the change…entirely. When my marriage was suffering, it seemed like I was driving the change for positive improvement. Did I have my share in causing the hurt? Absolutely. Was I perfect? No way. But I felt I was the one driving the wagon for forward movement. I didn’t feel it was mutual. It made me feel alone and I realized that we were not on the same page with where we wanted to be. Not only should there be movement, but there should be some signs of success early on.

“If you are having to nag them into doing the work , chances are that if you quit nagging, then the work is going to stop as well. And if the work is not sustained, the the change is less likely to occur.” (104, 105)

 These are not the only points made in the chapter, just the ones that impacted my life the most.


Whether or not we have hope, there are some things we can look at to help us decide that for ourselves. Do you have a relationship where this fits the bill? Are you confused whether you should have hope or hopelessness?

Thank you for taking your time to read, comment, and share this post with others. I’m looking forward to having a dialogue and reading your comments!

What are your thoughts?

  1. Are you experiencing hope or hopelessness in a current relationship?

  2. If you are unsure whether to have hope, what things are holding you back?

  3. Have you read this chapter? What are your thoughts if you have?

NOTE: The ideas contained in this post are either directly or indirectly the intellectual property of Dr. Henry Cloud’s book, Necessary Endings. Quotations and page citations were used when the material was quoted directly.


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What Is The Most Important Thing You Need To Make A Necessary Ending? [BOOK REVIEW]


I recently wrote a post about a concept Dr. Henry Cloud discusses – necessary endings. His book Necessary Endings, was SO influential that I decided to make one of THE MOST pivotal decisions of my life. Two chapters in particular (5 and 6) clinched things for me and when I read them, the film came off my eyes and the answers became crystal clear.

I want to share these two chapters with you over the next few days.

For the rest of this post I’d like to take you through chapter 5, and reveal THE MOST important thing you need to have in order to make a necessary ending. I plan on doing the same for chapter 6 in a few more days.

I am really looking forward to having a dialogue in the Comments section of each post so if you’re game and want to join along, GO GET THE BOOK ALREADY! I hope you enjoy hearing about his book as much as I enjoyed reading it. This is going to be a lengthier post so grab some coffee, or tea (with milk or lemon if you’re across the pond), find a comfy spot to read, and enjoy!

What Brought Me To My Necessary Ending?

The pivotal decision I made was to end my marriage. A little history (and herstory) is needed for background, and to put things in perspective… Read the rest of this entry »


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Necessary Endings – Do you have one to make? [IMAGE]

necessary endings_001

NOTE: These are not my ideas. This intellectual property belongs to Dr. Henry Cloud and his book Necessary Endings.

I’ve just reread Henry Cloud’s book, Necessary Endings. This book was pivotal in my decision to end a toxic relationship – my marriage.

I am proud of the decision? No.

Was it necessary? Absolutely. It had become a toxic relationship.

And no slander to my ex-wife, it was on both of us. It always is.

My Plan

This book was SO profound to me that I decided I am going to summarize a couple chapters of the book over the next few weeks. I am really looking forward to having a dialogue in the Comments section of each post so if you’re game and want a head start, GO GET THE BOOK ALREADY!

Have you read the book? Please let me know in the comment section below, or click the “thumbs up” icon. Let me know if you’re planning on buying the book, or planning on joining in, in any way. This is going to be really exciting!

I’m going mention the major points of chapters 5 and 6 (at least) since these were the two sections that validated what I was feeling and going through. It will answer questions like-

  • Is there something in my life that needs pruning?
  • Why is “hopelessness” important?
  • How do we decide if a pruning is necessary? Do all things really need to end?

This book was a life changer for me.

It is a staple book on my book shelf. It is thoroughly highlighted and marked up with extra notes.

I hope it impacts your life in a positive way.

Game on!


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